How NGS is investing in a brighter future

03 Jun 2019 2 min read

NGS Super has long recognised the risk posed by climate change and the importance of continuing to refine the way climate change risk is integrated into risk management systems and investment decision-making. In addition to assessing the direct economic impact of climate change on our investment portfolio, we aim to promote positive change in government policy and company practices by engaging with like-minded investors to promote investment in clean technology initiatives.

Each year we calculate our carbon footprint and offset this through environmental projects. Over the past few years we’ve invested in the South Pole's climate change projects which includes Eco Australia.

We’re now planning to step this up to meet the National Carbon Offset Standard through the Department of the Environment and Energy. This will help us to become a carbon neutral organisation with government-endorsed certification.

For more information see our Climate Change Statement and Responsible Investment Policy.

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