Spouse contributions

Some things are best done together

Top up low super balances

Did you know that if your spouse or partner has a low income (under $13,800) and a super account balance, you can add extra money to it? It can be a great boost to your spouse or partners savings and to your partnership.

It works both ways

Your spouse can also make contributions to your super.

Tax offset conditions - here’s an example

Say your spouse works part time, earning less than $10,800 as assessable income and reportable fringe benefits. You could qualify for the tax offset maximum of $540p.a. (18% on a $3,000 spouse contribution), if you meet the following conditions:

  • the contributions were not deductible to the contributor
  • both the contributor and the spouse were Australian residents when the contributions were made
  • when making contributions, the contributor and the spouse were not living separately and apart on a permanent basis.

There is also a partial rebate available if your spouse earns between $10,800 and $13,800.

How to do it

Click on the button below to complete a spouse contribution eForm.

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