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Make extra contributions in so many super ways

You can add extra money to your super account in different ways at any time. Your employer, and even the federal government, can also add money to your super. If you want a tree change or sea change, plan ahead now.

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How to do it

Paying via BPay

Go to Member Online to get your BPay code and customer reference number.  

Transfer your money from other super accounts

We make consolidating your super simple with our quick paperless online process.

Salary sacrifice

You can choose to save more by making salary sacrifice payments – putting more of your pre-tax salary into super. Try our add $ calculator to see the difference it can make over your working life.

Changing jobs

Moving on? Stay with NGS Super.

Lost super

If you think you’ve lost track of some super, you can get things back in order within seconds with the SuperSeeker tool on the ATO website.

Government co-contribution

If you put extra money into your super (after tax) and, if you are eligible, the government will make a co-contribution into your account.

Spouse and partner contributions

Help your spouse or partner save for retirement by making contributions for them.

Contribution splitting

Split personal and employer superannuation contributions with your husband, wife or eligible partner.

Need help?

We can provide advice on contributions over the phone at no cost. If you are not salary sacrificing presently and wish to investigate the benefits of doing so, please call our Customer Service Team  on 1300 133 177.

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