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  • Engaged in a professional, managerial, teaching, secretarial, clerical, administrative or similar occupation with office duties or tasks that do not involve manual work and are undertaken entirely (or at least 80%) within an office environment or classroom (excluding workshops)?

  • You have a degree or you are a member of a professional or government body where the degree or membership is required to work in your occupation?
    You are earning $100,000 or more per annum?

  • To change your occupation category to “professional”, please complete your details below, then print, sign and return to NGS Super.

    IMPORTANT Professional premium rates apply only to fixed cover or to any age-based cover above nine units. Professional rates will apply from the date your completed form is accepted by NGS Super.

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You can either print this form now or have a copy of the form emailed to you by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Once you have printed the form, please sign and return to NGS Super. Alternatively you can select the ‘print form’ button below and scan and email your signed form to ngsadminteam@mercer.com

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