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If maths isn't your favourite subject, never mind. You're about to score top marks. Our range of calculators can answer all sorts of super questions: from the difference extra contributions can make over time, to the low cost of upgrading your insurance cover.

True Wealth Retirement Calculator

Takes into account lots of different assets and income. Use this calculator to tailor to your circumstances and see how you are tracking.

Choose the calculator that suits you best:

I’m still working

I’m already retired

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60 second projector

See how your super can grow and the balance you could have at the end of your career with the 60 second projector.

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Add $ Calculator

Thinking about contributing more to your super so you can fund a more comfortable retirement? This Add $ Calculator will suggest:

  • Whether your extra contributions should be before tax or after tax, and
  • What the purchasing power of those extra contributions might be if you had your extra savings at retirement available to spend today, at today’s prices.

Insurance quote calculator

See details of life, disability and income protection cover options.


NGS SuperMap is an online advice tool designed to help you make decisions regarding your superannuation account. It will help you to explore what your super can achieve based on different contributions and different investment options.

MoneySmart Calculators

Calculators & tools from the Australian Government

Industry Super Calculators

Try a range of calculators from Industry Super -

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