Absolutely Super: Magna Carta

Nicholas Cowdery in his essay, “800 Years of Magna Carta” succinctly summarised the rule of law in the following statement, “A crucial aspect of the rule of law is affirmed by the charter: that justice will be done by following rules that have been stated in advance and are knowable by all and fair”. If only this statement were true when applied to superannuation.

By Bernard O'Connor   24 July 2015  

Absolutely Super: Uberrimae Fidei

This Latin term represents a cornerstone of all contracts of insurance and translates as “utmost good faith” for both parties to the contract. The concept originated in common law, but was codified in the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 and is now an implied term in every Australian contract of insurance. Interestingly, the concept of utmost good faith sits as a polar opposite to the traditional principle of contract law which is “caveat emptor” or “buyer beware”. This puts insurance contracts in a special position in relation to the body of contract law.

By Bernard O'Connor   12 May 2015  

Dedicated to the Dedicated Awards now open

NGS Super’s 2015 Dedicated to the Dedicated Awards offer up to six $5,000 scholarships to members who are dedicated to making a lasting contribution to the education sector.

By Buchan Consulting   10 April 2015  

True Wealth Business launched

NGS Super has launched an online article website for employers, True Wealth Business, following the creation of its True Wealth article website in December. The True Wealth Business website is the first online platform launched by a superannuation fund dedicated solely to employers and businesses.

By Buchan Consulting   18 February 2015  

True Wealth launched

The True Wealth content hub is part of NGS Super’s digital engagement strategy, focused on communicating with members and the general public through social and digital media. The launch comes following NGS Super’s introduction of a smartphone app, e-statements and digital membership cards this year.

By Buchan Consulting   3 December 2014  

Closing the gap: women and super

In recent decades the gap between men and women has significantly narrowed across a broad range of areas, but when it comes to superannuation there still remains considerable disparity between the sexes.

25 November 2014  

CEO market update

After a comparatively long period of low volatility, share markets have returned to heightened volatility with a vengeance. September and October witnessed downward corrections in global share markets. The reasons for the move on US equity (share) markets were numerous:

By Anthony Rodwell-Ball   29 October 2014  
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