Dedicated Awards

Dedicated to the Dedicated Awards 2015

Congratulations to our dedicated winners!

NGS Super has recently wrapped up its annual Dedicated to the Dedicated Awards – an initiative that provides an opportunity for professional development and fosters lasting and positive change in the education sector.

This year six outstanding applicants certainly fulfilled that objective, submitting innovative, relevant and unique applications. A big congratulations goes to…

Jarrod Johnson, Pulteney Grammar (SA)

Jarrod’s project is to develop tools, resources and technology that will allow teachers to incorporate Arduino Boards into their classrooms. Arduino Boards are a simple device that can be used to control LED lights, motors and robots, as well as receive data from many augmentations such as temperature, distance or light sensors.

Ryan Gill, Masada College (NSW)

Ryan is seeking to visit schools in America who are pioneers in student centred classrooms and seek insights into how this can be further embedded and enhanced across the national curriculum, with the aim of working alongside colleagues to develop a student led learning approach from K-12 at his school. He is particularly interested in how the approach can be integrated into the transition years of grades 5-8, to allow for a more effective and smoother transition from primary to high school.

Andrew Spencer, St Michael’s College (SA)

Andrew will undertake a study tour of British Columbia, Canada, to meet experienced Vocational Educators and gather resources to improve Math courses across Australia for vocational students, including those who seek Apprenticeships. His focus as a math teacher for over 25 years has been to develop more relevant curriculum that is suited to students who want to undertake a vocational career path.

Timothy McNevin, AIS (ACT)

Timothy will investigate and consider what can be learned about visionary leadership in education across the world and how that learning can be applied to schools in the ACT and more broadly across Australia.

Laurence Lee, Cedar College (SA)

Laurence’s Dynamic Literacy Project is a new project designed to bring cutting edge literacy programs to classrooms in Australia and abroad by garnering the expertise of Systemic Functional Grammar pedagogy. The project will include a professional development program for teachers who have some responsibility within their school context for the development of literacy skills in learners.

Mark Liddell, Northern Beaches Christian School (NSW)

Mark will use his scholarship to attend the Computer Based Maths Education Summit to learn more about using technology in order to provide expansive and engaging learning experiences for students. He will have the opportunity to hear how other teachers and schools have implemented these ideas and how it has impacted student learning.

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