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NGS Income account - keep your money working

The NGS Income account will help you convert your super savings into an income account with possible tax and Centrelink advantages. There are no restrictions on who can apply for an NGS Income account, provided you have reached your preservation age (presently 56 years).

How it works

The NGS Income account is available either as an account-based pension (for retirees and people aged 65 and over) or as a transition to retirement pension (for people between their preservation age and age 65). If you start a transition to retirement pension, it automatically becomes an account-based pension when you turn 65. You will need to let us know if you retire or terminate employment after age 60.

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How to do it

To open an NGS Income account please read the Product Disclosure Statement and complete the application form in our Income Account Guide.

If you need assistance with establishing your pension:

  • our Customer Service Team is available on 1300 133 177
  • our phone advice line provides personal advice limited to single issues relating to your NGS Income Account, such as your investment options
  • our Client Relationship Managers in our state offices are available to provide general advice and assist you with any questions you may have (there is no cost for this service)
  • you can access financial planning through NGS Super – call 1300 133 177 to make an appointment
  • compare the NGS Income Account with other pension providers.

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