Account-based pensions

Super versatile

If you’re thinking about retirement, our account-based pension is a flexible and tax-effective way to convert your lump sum retirement benefit into a regular income stream. You may also qualify for special treatment under the income test for the government age pension.

An income stream if you’re under 60

If you take your superannuation as an income stream, you can defer or minimise the tax you would otherwise pay if you took it as a lump sum at that time.

A tax-free income stream if you’re over 60

You pay no tax on payments received from an income stream established with super.

Benefits at a glance - NGS Super Income Account

  • Choice of amount
    Choose the amount of your payment (above the minimum set by government). You can vary payments at any time.
  • Choice of frequency
    Decide how often you receive your payments provided they are paid at least annually.
  • Access any time
    Withdraw (commute) the full value of your account at any time, or make partial withdrawals.
  • Taxation
    The account-based pension is designed to conform to the legal requirements to qualify for special tax treatment.

Find out more about great benefits and advantages for NGS Super account-based pensions.

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