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More choices and greater control over your investments

NGS Self-Managed provides a gateway to direct investments - that means you have control over the investments in your portfolio and can choose to invest in a range of ASX-listed companies, exchange traded funds and term deposits. NGS Self-Managed is low cost, easy to use and hassle-free – a great alternative to a traditional self-managed super fund (SMSF) which can be expensive and time-consuming to manage.

Benefits of NGS Self-Managed

No set-up fees, low cost

We offer this service with no set-up costs and low ongoing fees! This means you avoid expensive set-up charges, ongoing consulting fees, and commissions normally associated with a SMSF.

Hassle-free administration

NGS Super takes care of all the compliance and reporting requirements so you won’t have the complex burden and unnecessary cost of having to arrange these services.

Ongoing support

NGS Super can provide support and assistance through NGS financial planning should you have questions about your NGS Self-Managed portfolio selection.

What investments are available through NGS Self-Managed?

You can invest in:

  • term deposits

You have the option to select from a range of term deposit providers and terms, and have the flexibility to determine if the deposit will automatically rollover to a new term.

Rates (% per annum as at 20/01/17)

Provider/Term 1mth 3mth 6mth 12mth
ANZ 1.90% 2.62% 2.60% 2.60%
Macquarie Bank 1.91% 2.50% 2.50% 2.50%
ME Bank 2.10% 2.75% 2.85% 2.90%
National Australia Bank 1.85% 2.65% 2.65% 2.70%
  • ASX-listed companies

You can pick and choose to invest in ASX 300-listed companies. The platform has low cost brokerage charges when you trade shares.

  • exchange traded funds (ETFs)

You can choose to invest in a choice of ETFs, which are similar to managed funds but traded on the Australian Securities Exchange. ETFs can be bought and sold in the same way as shares.

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