CEO Update: May 2017

In this month’s CEO Update, NGS Super CEO Anthony Rodwell-Ball turns his focus to the
geo-political events shaping the investment world, and their effects on the market.

In the U.S, the Trump administration’s stimulatory policies may seek to turbo-charge the U.S economy, but does the president lack the broad support required to achieve his vision?

Globally, the IMF has predicted positive GDP growth for all for major economies, along with solid growth for emerging markets.

Post-GFC Europe has witnessed the continued rise of buisiness and consumer confidence as the European economy appears to shift to a reflationary phase.

Japan has continued to produce strong economic survey data since late 2016, pairing a falling unemployment rate with increased business confidence and positive purchasing index surveys.

The rise of business confidence has suggested continued growth in the Chinese economy. What does this mean for concerns about a potential “Debt over-hang”?

Turning locally, Anthony discusses the strong growth of Australian shares that saw a rise of almost 17% in the ASX300 for the financial year.

For these insights and more, join Anthony Rodwell-Ball in this month’s NGS Super CEO video update below:

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