Compare us with other funds

You can compare NGS Super with other funds

The services and benefits your Fund offers – from low-cost insurance and a variety of investment options to low fees and free education services – can make a big difference to how you manage your super and how it grows over time.

This year, we received a 5 Apples quality rating for both Super and Pension from independent ratings company Chant West – the highest possible rating.

You can now directly compare NGS Super with other funds through Chant West AppleCheck fund comparison tool.

What is Chant West AppleCheck?

AppleCheck is an online tool that lets you compare the benefits and services you receive as a member of NGS Super with those offered by more than 200 other super and pension funds.

What you need to do

All you have to do is click on the AppleCheck button below for either Super or Pension to run an AppleCheck report. You can run a comparison with any two other funds you choose, and a detailed report is sent to your email address. Normally you would pay $55 for each report, but if you ask for the report from this page, NGS Super covers the cost for you. You can run up to three reports each year.

What an AppleCheck report provides

Results are displayed side-by-side, making it easy to compare funds. You'll get:

  • an overview of the fund
  • a case study that shows total fees and costs
  • what investment options are available and how they have performed
  • what types of insurance are available, and what the premiums cost (Super AppleCheck only)
  • an overview of member services
  • Chant West's rating of the fund.

Now we invite you to see how we compare

 Chant West Apple Check 2013 Super

Click the Super AppleCheck button above to run the Super report

Chant West Apple Check 2013 Pension

Click the Pension AppleCheck button above to run the Pension report

Are you thinking about joining?

If you would like to join NGS Super, you can do so online via member join and employer join.

NGS Super may use the personal information you provide to contact you and provide more information about our products and services. In all other respects, NGS Super will treat the personal information that you provide in accordance with our privacy policy.

Chant West AppleCheck is provided by independent research consultant, Chant West ABN 75 077 595 316. NGS Super may purchase products from Chant West on commercial terms, but we are not a shareholder in Chant West and we have no influence on the research results and ratings.

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