The NGS Self-Managed Direct Investment Option (DIO) provides a gateway to direct investments. That means you can invest in ASX-listed companies, exchange traded funds and term deposits within your NGS Super account. It’s a good option to consider if you want access to direct investments without the potential cost and ongoing administration of a traditional self-managed super fund (SMSF).

Benefits of the NGS Self-Managed Direct Investment Option

Low cost and no set-up fees

There are no set-up costs for the NGS Self-Managed DIO, and our fees are competitive. You’ll also avoid ongoing consulting fees and commissions that are often payable under an SMSF.

Hassle-free administration

We take care of all the compliance and reporting requirements, which means you don’t have to.

More access and investment flexibility

Choose from a selection of ASX-listed companies, exchange traded funds and term deposits. Greater access means you can better tailor your investment mix to suit your goals and circumstances.

Things to consider

Your personal circumstances will affect which investments are best suited to you.

You should consider things like:

  • the types of investments you have outside super
  • your age and planned retirement date
  • your needs and goals
  • your desired level of control and investment.

For more details, visit Managing your super investments or read our Investment guide.

Managing your super investmentsInvestment guide

How it works

You can use the NGS Self-Managed DIO in an NGS Accumulation or Income account.1 To get started, you’ll need a balance of at least $7,000. DIO is available through Member Online — you’ll need to move money into the DIO’s cash hub before you can start trading.

There are restrictions on how much you can trade, the amount you leave in your cash hub and how much you'll need in your NGS account outside of the DIO.

For full details and instructions, see our Self-Managed guide.

NGS Self-Managed guide

1 The NGS Self-Managed Direct Investment Option is not available in the NGS Transition to retirement (TTR) account.

What investments are available?

The NGS Self-Managed DIO gives you access to investments including:

  • shares in ASX-listed companies
  • a range of exchange traded funds
  • term deposits with varying terms to suit your needs.

Our online investment list includes all individual investments available to those using the DIO.


Exchange traded funds

Term deposits

How do I set it up?

To set up access to the NGS Self-Managed DIO, log on to Member Online and select the Investment tab. From here, you can edit your current investments and select the amount you want to transfer to the DIO.

For detailed instructions, see our Self-Managed guide.

Member OnlineNGS Self-Managed guide

Advice services

As a member of NGS, you have access to our dedicated advice services. Our expert advice team can answer your questions, and help you make the most of your financial situation.

Investment options

You can choose the level of choice and control you’d like for your NGS account. We have a range of investment options — both pre-mixed and sector-specific — to suit various investment goals, timeframes and risk tolerances. 

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