Investment switching form

This form is for use by members with an NGS Accumulation account.

You can change how your super is invested in NGS Super at any time. Simply choose any combination of the investment options available to you as shown in the Product Disclosure Statement and Investment guide.

We will not be able to action your instructions if this form is incomplete or you provide incorrect information. We will tell you if this is the case.

Important information

Movements in unit prices for NGS Super investment options will not necessarily reflect movements in a comparable Australian or international index. Any decision to switch investment options should not be based solely on the assumption that an NGS Super unit price will be subject to the same movement as an index.

If you’re unsure of your decision, consider obtaining professional advice. We offer:

  • advice at no extra cost through our Advice Helpline
  • complimentary advice through our Customer Relationship Managers where available
  • tailored advice through NGS Financial Planning.

To make an appointment, phone us on 1300 133 177 Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm (AEST/AEDT), or complete our Financial planning enquiry form.

You can also vary your investment options via Member Online. Simply log in and make your selections through the investment tab.

Complete your personal details

Choose your investment options

You can make an investment switch for your account balance and/or future contributions without any cost.
I elect to change my investment options1 as detailed below. My change is to apply to:

Select one option
If you do not nominate any of the above options, your investment switch will apply to both your current super account and your future contributions and any transfers.

You can choose one or more investment options in any percentage. Please ensure that the total adds to 100% otherwise this form will not be processed and your investment allocations will remain unchanged. Alternatively, you can make changes online through Member Online.

For members who do not make an investment choice, the default investment option is the Diversified (MySuper) option.

Pre-mixed options
This option has a higher weighting to investments in assets with the potential for medium to long-term growth such as shares, infrastructure and property.
A diversified investment option with a substantial weighting towards those assets which will potentially produce superior returns over the longer term.
An investment option split evenly between assets which provide the prospect for capital growth and assets which display defensive characteristics.
A relatively conservative investment option with a higher weighting towards the more defensive types of assets such as cash, fixed interest, defensive alternative funds and direct property.
Shares in this option are predominantly invested in sectors and companies that have ranked highly when considering environmental, social and governance factors.
Includes asset classes where a broad market index is available and investable. The option will aim to provide exposure to these asset classes through the use of passive indexing strategies.
Invested predominantly in companies listed on Australian and major international stock exchanges, which offer potentially higher levels of return but potentially high levels of variability in returns.
Sector-specific options
Predominantly invested in companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Predominantly invested in companies listed on major international stock exchanges.
Predominantly invested in unlisted infrastructure assets, strategically blended with listed infrastructure securities in Australia but with some international exposure.
Predominantly invested in Australian property but with some international exposure. The listed property investments can be subject to equity-like returns and risk.
An investment in cash and fixed interest investments, which include securities issued by both Australian and International governments and corporations.
An investment in bank term deposits and at call cash accounts. The aim is to provide a high level of security of the capital value of your investment.
Total allocation (must be exactly 100%)
1 Please note that your instructions will apply to that part of your account invested in either NGS Super’s pre-mixed or sector-specific investment options. Switching investments within the NGS Self-Managed DIO option is only available through your Member Online account.
Tailored option - NGS Self-Managed Direct Investment Option (DIO)

This option includes a choice of ASX-listed companies, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and term deposits. For details about the NGS Self-Managed DIO please refer to the NGS Self-Managed guide.

Please note, this form does not allow you to invest in this option or switch investments from this option.

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