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What is this?

We conduct professional and engaging information sessions at workplaces at your invitation. This way, members can learn more about super, as well as understand the benefits and options available through NGS Super. This is a service provided free to members and employers.

How it works

Topics can be tailored to suit individual workplace requirements and include:

  • superannuation contribution rules
  • market volatility and investment options
  • salary sacrifice
  • government co-contributions
  • spouse accounts
  • contribution splitting
  • taxation of superannuation
  • retirement income streams and strategies.

Let us know if you would like other super and retirement topics covered.

How to do it

Contact your state Customer Relationship Manager by phone or email to arrange a time. We’re here to help

You can find the contact details for your local Customer Relationship Manager here.

New South Wales & ACT CRM

Brent Hopping

Brent has been working in the superannuation industry since 1999. In this time he has worked for a range organisations including Commonwealth Bank and boutique financial planning firms. continue reading
This has provided the opportunity to help a wide range of organisations to better tailor their superannuation arrangements for the benefit of their staff. Importantly working with many individuals to help them better understand the benefits superannuation can deliver.

A great believer in education and the difference it can make, Brent has spent a significant amount of time developing and delivering seminars and workshops to better equip Australians to manage their financial lives.

Brent holds a Diploma of Financial Planning and is working towards a Masters of Applied Finance. He also has a Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training.

Money isn’t everything (no one thing is), however having enough increases our options to live the life we want. There are some simple steps to make the most of it.

"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. - Henry David Thoreau"

James Perry

James has over ten years' experience in educating and client-serving roles across superannuation, life insurance and financial planning. continue reading
Dedicated to cutting through the apathy and mystery that surrounds superannuation, James is passionate about enabling members with the knowledge and tools required to make the simple smart decisions now that will make a big difference to their retirement.

James holds a Bachelor of Science, an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning) and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

"When it comes to thinking ahead to retirement, there are many variables that we can't control. My job is to show people what they can control and to help them take that action that will improve the quality of their retirement."

South Australia CRM

Elaine Santos

Working in a number of different roles throughout her 11 year career in the superannuation industry, Elaine has a strong commitment to improving the superannuation outcomes for members and employers. continue reading
Initially employed with Independent Schools Superannuation Trust (ISST), Elaine has a number of qualifications including an Advanced Diploma of Financial services in Superannuation and Diploma of Financial Services in Financial Planning.

“Just knowing that I am able to make a difference to people’s lives and their lifestyle in retirement is extremely exciting. I have been working in this industry for a long time and it continues to be a passion of mine.” 

Thomay Gatis

Having worked in the superannuation industry for over 15 years, Thomay has a passion for assisting members to understand their investments. continue reading
Starting in administration, she has worked in many areas of the industry including retail and public sector super funds. Her career though has been spent primarily in the industry fund sector where she has held client relationship and adviser roles and where the guiding principle is always ‘what’s in the member’s best interests?’ She holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) and is the Chair of Women in Super (SA) and a member of the Mother’s Day Classic Organising Committee.

“Members place great trust in their super fund to provide them with the resources to adequately save for their retirement, manage their investments and provide guidance to make their dreams a reality. NGS Super is an organisation with strong values and a commitment to fulfilling these values. Being a part of the NGS Super team and helping members to understand their opportunities and reach their goals is very rewarding.” 

Queensland CRM

Neil Kent

Neil has over 40 years’ experience in the Financial Services arena, with 20 years working in the Life Insurance industry in various management roles. continue reading
Neil also has had 21 years experience as General Manager of the Uniting Church Superannuation Plan (UCSuper).

He joined NGS Super in March 2012 as State and Business Development Manager – Queensland, when UCSuper merged with NGS Super, and is a member of the Queensland ASFA Executive Committee. Neil holds a Diploma in Financial Services (Superannuation), and brings a wealth of experiences and skills to the NGS Super Team.

“It has long been one of my passions to devote more time meeting with members and employers to share the “Super Is Simple (SIS)” story, which is how it should be. At NGS Super, the team is squarely focused on the needs of the members, engaging with them and their employers to provide better financial literacy so that they have confidence in their superannuation. I am pleased to have this opportunity to apply my skills and experience in promoting NGS Super’s values, product and services.” 

Tana Brink

Tana has worked in the Financial Services Industry for 20 years, including life insurance & superannuation, in the areas of operations and customer service. continue reading
She joined NGS Super in March 2012 following the merger of UCSuper and NGS Super. Tana holds a Diploma in Financial Services (Superannuation), a Diploma in Financial Planning and brings her superannuation knowledge, skills and extensive experience to the Fund.

“It’s extremely fulfilling being able to help our members understand superannuation and make them aware of the options available to them. I am delighted to be working for NGS Super which lives up to its value of being committed to helping our members and employers through financial education.” 

Victoria CRM

Laurie Buchanan

Laurie has worked in the Financial Services Industry, and specifically superannuation, for many years commencing with National Mutual (now AXA). continue reading
After leaving AXA he worked for several years as a Financial Planner before becoming a Superannuation Adviser with a large Victorian superannuation fund, VicSuper. He started with NGS Super in 2006 as a Customer Relationship Manager for Victoria and Tasmania.

“I particularly enjoy de-mystifying superannuation and helping members understand what is often their largest asset outside the family home. This allows them to make informed decisions about their superannuation and helps in planning for the financial aspects of their eventual retirement. It is a very rewarding job!”

Anthony Arndt

Anthony has over 10 years dedicated superannuation experience having worked for VicSuper, Guild Super and Care Super in Relationship Management and Financial Adviser roles. continue reading
Holding a Bachelor of Business, a Diploma of Financial Planning and Training qualifications, Anthony is passionate and committed to delivering high quality service while helping members to maximise their retirement benefits.

“People often have preconceived ideas about super thinking it is complex and difficult. My aim is to reverse these ideas by making super easy for members. Ensuring that they fully understand the options that they have to enhance their super balance for the future, makes for a very rewarding job.” 

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