Superannuation is easy to ignore. When you're young, retirement feels like forever away. Growing your retirement savings — money you won't touch for 30-40 years — isn’t much of a focus. But getting on top of your super while you’re young can make a big difference down the track.

Welcome to SuperStart, a super toolkit for Gen Z, based on what you’ve told us. Use our key insights and practical tips to get on the path to a future you can look forward to.

Gen Z & finance

Gen Z talked to us about their financial preparedness, knowledge and behaviour as they face financial decisions such as super selection, spending vs saving, investing and more. 

The right advice could change your life

Wherever you are in life, there are always decisions to be made. When you need to think about your super — and take action — we’re here to help. Book an individual meeting with an NGS superannuation specialist to make the most of your super. You can choose to meet virtually or over the phone, whichever way suits you best.


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