Reduce your fees and take control of your super

Why manage many accounts when all you need is one? Consolidating your super is simple and makes sense.

Consolidate with NGS to reduce your total fees and take control of your money and future.

Benefits of consolidating your super

Save money on fees

Why pay multiple fees to multiple funds? Keeping your savings in one fund means you’ll only pay one set of fees. Consolidate with NGS, where all profits are directed to members and we continually work to keep costs low.

Keep track of where you're at

When your savings are in the one place, it’s easier to keep track of how they’re performing. And you can manage your NGS account at any time through our Member Online portal.

Less administration

It’s hard to keep on top of things when you’re receiving communication from too many places. Consolidating your super means fewer emails in your inbox and more time spent doing the things you enjoy. NGS will only send you the things that matter.

Why consolidate with NGS?

For every $50,000 you held with a median retail super fund for the last five years, NGS could have earned you an extra $5,000. That's $5,000 more invested and growing for your future.*


Initial balance $50,000 $50,000
After 5 years $71,000 $76,000
Extra super   $5,000
(5 years)
8.17% 8.93%
NGS Super industry fund vs. median retail fund over 5 years

How to consolidate your super

To consolidate your super, simply log in to myGov, and go to your linked 'ATO’ account. Alternatively, complete our Transfer authority form and return it to us — we’ll organise the transfer for you.

myGovDownload form

Things to consider

Before consolidating, you:

  • should ask your other fund for information about any fees that may apply
  • check the impact on any insurance you may have
  • let your employer know where you want your contributions directed
  • claim any intended tax deductions on contributions you've made.

Impact on your insurance

Impact on your employer contributions

What happens next

After submitting your request, it will take around three to five business days to process the transfer of your money.

Once the transfer is completed, you can view your combined funds by logging in to Member Online and clicking on ‘Account Activity’ in the menu board. Your transfer will be displayed as a ‘Rollovers / Transfers in’ transaction.

Rather not submit your details online?

Download a Transfer authority form, follow the four simple steps and return your completed form to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

Advice services

As a member of NGS, you have access to our dedicated advice services. Our expert advice team can help you make sense of your finances, and guide you to achieving the goals you have, whether big or small. Find out more

Important information

This is general advice only and it does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether the advice is suitable for you and your personal circumstances. Before making a financial decision, you should consider our Product Disclosure Statement.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
Other factors should be considered when choosing a superannuation fund. You should ask your other super fund for information about any fees or charges that may apply, or any other information about the effect this transfer may have on benefits such as your insurance cover before making a decision to combine your super.

*This illustration shows how a super balance of $50,000 five years ago might have grown to 31 Dec 2020 with NGS Super, compared to the same balance over the same period in a median retail master trust.

It illustrates that a number of factors (including investment performance, insurance premiums and fees) can combine to produce a meaningful difference in superannuation balance outcomes in different funds over a relatively short period of time. Relevant factors are shown in the table below.

For simplicity, the illustration takes no account of any contributions (whether employer superannuation guarantee or member additional voluntary) and shows only what the outcome might have been based on the stated assumptions for the starting superannuation balance shown.

  NGS Super   Median Retail
Master Trust
Balance at start of period $50,000
Investment performance:
5yr return p.a. for balanced
investment option
(NGS: Diversified (MySuper))
8.93% [i]   8.17% [ii]
Admin fees p.a. $65 [i]   $92 [iii]
Insurance assumption:
premium p.a. for $450,000 life and
$190,000 TPD cover [iv], @ age 27,
constant each year;
no income protection cover
$100 [v]   $376 [v]
Estimated balances at end of period
(31 Dec 2020)
$76,000   $71,000
Difference between balances
(rounded to nearer $1000)

The illustration is an estimate only and does not represent the actual outcome that would have occurred for any particular person. ‘Median retail master trust’ refers to a group of super funds that include those run by the big banks and AMP. The details extracted are for the median of that group and do not relate to any particular fund. Past investment performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. General advice warning
[i] NGS Super average 5 year return as at 31 Dec 2020
[ii] SuperRatings credit rate survey of Dec 2020 – SR50 Balanced median for Master Trusts
[iii] SuperRatings benchmarking report 2020 - Fee component for Retail Master Trust Median
[iv] Default NGS Plus life and TPD insurance covers at age 27 - NGS Super insurance guide 1 April 2020
[v] Chant West’s Apple Check report 2020

Other assumptions used in the calculator: 

  • No employee superannuation guarantee, additional after-tax or pre-tax contributions

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