Mother’s Day Classic – Largest School Team Winners

29 May 2019 4 min read

The Annual Mother’s Day Classic - what a fantastic day and a fantastic way to spend this year’s Mother’s Day with a mass walk on a national scale in support of a cause that’s so close to many of our hearts – breast cancer research and awareness.

Breast cancer affects one in seven females in Australia but the ripple effect this has on the lives of those nearest and dearest is countless. In support of this event and what it stands for, NGS Super has been a proud sponsor of the Mother’s Day Classic for nearly 10 years.

As the leading super fund that specialises in non-government education, NGS sponsored the Largest School Team Awards across all the sites nationally. We’d like to congratulate this year’s winners across each site for their mammoth effort in rounding up the troops. Congratulations to:

  • Loreto College - Adelaide
  • Churchie - Brisbane
  • Canberra Girls Grammar School - Canberra
  • The Doo - Darwin
  • Kardinia International College - Geelong
  • St Hilda's School - Gold Coast
  • Collegiate - Hobart
  • Ruyton - Melbourne
  • Irena's Incredibles - Perth
  • Wenona Walkers - Sydney
  • Tara Tigers - Western Sydney


Winner’s spotlight

Humpty Doo Primary, located 20km south of Darwin, has not only won this year’s Largest School Team in the Northern Territory, they’ve also won this title every year since 2013. Since first registering in the Mother’s Day Classic in 2012 the school has raised close to a whopping $30,000 during this time. Starting with just five registered members in their first year, their numbers have since grown to over 70-strong.

In addition to these achievements, Humpty Doo has also been the highest fundraising school in Australia for the past two years.

Humpty Doo has been personally affected by breast cancer with staff members and parents of their students having battled the disease - some unfortunately losing their lives to it. And this was their motivation to not only get behind the cause but to get as many people involved as they could.

This year’s team comprised students, teachers, staff, parents and community members of the school and to reach the Mother’s Day Classic event on time, all members were up by 5am.

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