NGS Super school team's trophy up for grabs!

04 May 2019 2 min read
On Mother’s Day this year, hundreds of Australian school teams will be walking, running and celebrating in support of breast cancer research.

With the NGS Super Largest School Award up for grabs, make sure you gather your friends and family to join in the fun. With free entertainment and activities running throughout the event, it’s a great way to spend the day with your family!

NGS Super stands by building a better future for their members and they are passionate about supporting a cause that touches the lives of so many.

That’s why NGS Super is proud to be national sponsor of the Largest School team trophy.

Breast cancer affects one in seven females in Australia. And with the majority of NGS Super members being female, this disease has impacted their members personally. That is why NGS Super has been and continue to be a proud sponsor of the Mother’s Day Classic for nearly 10 years.

NGS Super believes in encouraging people to be active, in celebrating women and wholeheartedly supports a cause that donates 100% of proceeds to help research and potentially find a cure for a disease that impacts so many of our mothers, sisters and friends.

In the interest of living an active, happy and full life, they want to share some financial tips to give you the best head-start to achieving financial well-being and security throughout your life.

Financial Tips from NGS Super

Don’t blow a bonus: be wise and you will benefit

When we come into ‘extra’ money, whether it be birthday gifts, your first job, or you receive a pay rise, it can be hard to not to get carried away thinking of all the great things we can spend our new money on. More often than not, saving and investing your extra money is not on top of this list.

Remember you can only spend your money once, so if you were to invest or save that additional money rather than spending it, it could make a world of difference in achieving your financial goals.

Always save at least a portion of any ‘extra’ money and put it somewhere it is difficult to access; eliminate immediate temptation to deliver a bigger reward in the future.

Expect the unexpected

In life, unexpected events occur. Your car could break down, your washing machine could die or opportunities, such as tickets to a festival or an overseas trip, could arise unexpectedly. Whether you’re financially ready for these small life interruptions and celebrations can make all the difference to your stress levels and quality of life. Your financial wellbeing will determine how you manage the unexpected.

Have a savings target (which will be age and life-stage appropriate), but once you’ve reached your target, don’t stop there, work on increasing this figure each month.

Having your own personal financial security can be liberating and having a sense of financial freedom can be priceless.

Don’t be afraid to spread your wings

Money can sometimes be considered to be a taboo topic, but it’s important you are brave enough to challenge the taboo and talk about money. Talk to more people about money; talk to friends, your family, teachers, experts etc. Having real conversations about money will educate and empower you. Regardless of what stage or age you are in your life, it is important to feel comfortable asking for information and help. When you stop asking questions you will stop learning.

Understand and challenge your attitude towards financial risk, savings and investment so that you can be in control and make informed choices about how you save and grow your money.
NGS Super is proud to support the Mother’s Day Classic and believe that every woman, no matter what age or life stage they are at should be able to have a happy, comfortable and secure financial future. We encourage you to get involved in a Mother’s Day Classic event near you with your family, your friends, your work colleagues, or your community.

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