NGS Super signs Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge

27 Sep 2018 2 min read

NGS Super – one of Australia’s leading superannuation funds with over $9 billion in funds under management and 100,000 members, is pleased to announce that it has signed the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge.

NGS Super CIO Ben Squires believes the Pledge demonstrates the Fund’s approach to responsible investment and its dedication to sustainability in everything it does. “Our investment portfolio has no holdings in tobacco companies which aligns with our existing investment approach that considers environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles”.

“We choose to be part of the solution to ensure a world free of tobacco that will benefit our generation and those to follow. By signing the Tobacco-Free Pledge, our collective aim alongside other large global finance organisations is to end the global tobacco epidemic and encourage other companies to take a stance and follow suit” Squires said.

NGS Super’s Responsible Investment Policy outlines its approach to managing ESG risks while maximising the prospect of solid long-term returns.

“In addition to the responsible investment approach adopted by the Fund, each year we (the trustee office) calculate our carbon footprint and offset that through environmental projects”, Squires added.

The Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge is an initiative founded by Tobacco Free Portfolios in collaboration with three UN agencies, BNP Paribas, AXA and Natixis. It aims to achieve 100 Founding Signatories before its official launch in late September.


About NGS Super
NGS Super is a leading superannuation fund for all Australians. We specialise in the non-government education and mutual finance sectors, working with around 9000 employers and managing over $9 billion in super savings.

We’re run only to benefit members and help secure the financial futures of our 100,000 members.”


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