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Your financial literacy can play a major role in building a successful investment strategy.  An evolving financial environment offering an increasingly varied and complex series of options means consumers often find themselves shouldering much of the burden of financial decision making.

To remedy this situation, NGS offers a variety of financial education tools to help our members cut through the jargon and make informed decisions about their financial future.

NGS Super Knowledge Centre


The knowledge centre was created for NGS members to enjoy a centralised financial resources hub. With carefully curated content and access to unique articles on investments from thought leaders – it guides you through understanding financial concepts and overall wealth management to meet your financial goals.

New materials are added weekly so be sure to check the knowledge centre regularly to begin your journey to financial success. The information is not only useful for understanding superannuation and financial investing, but world news that is compelling, topical, and relevant to you.




To access the NGS Knowledge Centre, please click on the button below.

NGS Knowledge Centre

NGS MoneyCoach


NGS MoneyCoach is an online learning platform designed specifically for members.

It includes a suite of interactive, multi-media modules that you can watch at your own pace. These modules cover topics such as:

  • Building good money habits
  • Income streams
  • Couples and cash
  • Teaching kids about money.

The modules include worksheets, forms, videos, calculators and links to additional information.

NGS MoneyCoach also includes games, tools, resources, and much more! It allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home and the more you know, the more confident you can be about taking steps to make the most of your finances.



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NGS MoneyCoach

True Wealth magazine


True Wealth is another way in which NGS Super seeks to help you to enjoy wealth in every sense of the word. This publication has been designed with your interests and needs in mind and offers a variety of articles that focus on the many facets of true wealth. You’ll find lifestyle articles to help you lead a more fulfilling, enriched and wealthy life as well as money-related articles to increase your financial knowledge and help you to build your financial confidence.

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NGS SuperMap


NGS SuperMap is an online advice tool designed to help you make decisions regarding your superannuation account. It will help you to explore what your super can achieve based on different contributions and different investment options.

NGS SuperMap will ask you questions about your financial situation, needs and objectives and you will be provided with a Limited Statement of Advice (LSOA) at the end of the program. The LSOA may provide you with some recommendations around investment options and required contribution levels to meet your retirement income needs.

The process should take approximately 30 minutes of your time depending upon the level of advice you want and how prepared you are to answer the questions. You can save your session at any time and return to it at a time that suits you. NGS SuperMap



To access NGS SuperMap, please click on the button below.

NGS SuperMap

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The information provided on this site is of a general nature and it may  not be right for you. Before making a financial decision, please read the Product Disclosure Statement and consider seeking professional advice.