Fund Sustainability

Caring about our environment and communities

NGS Super is dedicated to developing and maintaining a sustainable approach in everything we do. We look for investments that consider environmental, social and governance principles.

Each year we calculate our carbon footprint and we offset that through environmental projects.

Find out more about our environmental partnerships and initiatives below:

UN Principles for Responsible Investment

NGS Super is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).

What is it?

The UNPRI provides a framework for signatories to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into their investment decision-making, with the expectation that, by being socially responsible, these investments will deliver improved long-term returns to investors.

How it works

As a signatory to the UNPRI, we undertake to consider ESG implications when selecting our investment managers and when exercising our rights as shareholders. We also commit to promoting the Principles in the investment community.

For further information, please visit the UN PRI website.

The Carbon Disclosure Project

NGS Super has joined the Carbon Disclosure Project. This initiative will guide the Fund's corporate governance engagements and strengthen the UN PRI obligations.

What is it?

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) gathers critical climate change data for the benefit of the global market place. The CDP encourages large international companies to disclose their greenhouse gas emission levels as well as investment risks and opportunities arising from climate change.

How it works

The Carbon Disclosure Project encourages widespread transparency in hopes that large corporations will seriously embrace sustainability and take steps to address climate change issues.

For more information, please visit the Carbon Disclosure Project website.

ESG Research Australia

NGS Super is a member of the ESG Research Australia. We see it as our duty to be well-informed about the impacts and risks associated with climate change so we can manage members' money to the best of our ability.

What is it?

ESG Research Australia's aim is to improve the quantity and quality of equity research that considers environmental, social and governance issues.

How it works

Members of the ESG RA request that Australian equity fund managers include environmental, social and governance considerations as a category in their panel structure.

For more information, please visit the ESG Research Australia website.

Investor Group on Climate Change

NGS Super is proud to be a member of the IGCC and our membership helps us to actively mitigate the impacts of climate change on our investments. We see our participation as a member-focused approach to better understanding climate change risks while ensuring our fiduciary duty is met.

What is it?

The IGCC is a governing body established to represent institutional investors who manage under $500 billion and keep them updated on the impacts that climate change can have on their portfolios.

How it works

The Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) ensures that investors are collectively heard in the climate change regulation debate, and that climate change risk and opportunity is taken into account in investment research and decision making.

For more information, please visit IGCC website.

Sustainability Committee

The NGS Trustee Office staff respect the environment and have implemented a policy encouraging sustainable growth and reducing waste of precious natural resources. Integral to this policy is the reduction of carbon emissions.

A Sustainability Committee has been established to advise, monitor and modify our current practices for the use of electricity, paper, water and petrol.

As the national superannuation fund for education and community-focused organisations, NGS Super seeks to lead by example. The Fund places a priority on building a culture of environmental awareness through the conservation of resources and in doing so supports staff initiatives which preserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

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