Every three years, we review our insurance offering to ensure that it continues to be one of the best in Australia in terms of price, sustainability, coverage, service and overall value. This year we’re changing our insurance partner – from CommInsure to TAL Life Limited.

The change will take effect on 1 June 2017. This will bring with it changes to definitions and, depending on your individual circumstances, could also mean a change in your premiums and your level of cover.

The following Significant Event Notices have been sent to all affected members. There are different versions that address members’ particular circumstances or arrangements and these can be determined by the heading of each notice.

New Insurance Brochure

Group SEN
Group 1 – All members with active insurance cover [including Eltham] where none of the other groups apply Download
Group 2 – Members:
  • aged 20-24 with 4 units of NGS General Life cover
Group 3 – Members:
  • aged 15-19 with 4 units of NGS General Life cover
  • aged 20-24 with 5 units of NGS Plus Life cover
Group 4 – Members:
  • age 64 with Total and Permanent Disablement
  • age 60 or over with Income Protection 5 year benefit payment period
  • age 63 or older with Income Protection 2 year benefit payment period
Group 5 – Members:
  • with default Life and/or Total and Permanent cover at or above $1.14million
  • with default Income Protection at or above $120,000 p.a
Group 6 – Members whose employer (excluding Shore and Kinross) provides additional Life and Total and Permanent Disablement cover Download
Group 7 – Defined Benefit members (PEGS and CueSuper) Download
Group 8 – Defined Benefit members with voluntary insurance (SA Catholic CCSSP) Download
Group 9 – Members at Shore and Kinross with non-standard cover arrangements Download
Group 10 – Members of Shore and Kinross with non-standard arrangements Download
Group 11 – Members of Shore and Kinross with non-standard arrangements where group 9-10 doesn’t apply Download
Group 12 – Members with group 3/6, 5/6 and Shore and Kinross (non-standard arrangements) combination of messages N/A
Group 13 – Members with inactive insurance Download
Group 14 – Members with combination of group 4/6 messages Download
Group 15 – Members with combination of group 4/5 messages Download
Group 16 – SA Catholic CCSSP members with mandatory cover only Download

Information provided may have changed since the time of writing. You should confirm the information is current before relying on it.

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