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NGS Super is the leading industry super fund for those in non-government education, mutual finance and community organisations. With over $9 billion in FUM, 100,000 members and over 9,000 employers, we keep our costs low as we are here for members and only run to benefit members.

About NGS Super

We’re your industry super fund dedicated to education and community-based organisations, run only to benefit members. Learn more about how we can benefit you.

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Account Costs

As your industry super fund we keep fees low and are run only to benefit members. We don't pay profits to shareholders.

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Regulatory Disclosures

Find fund information, policies, trustee details and more

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Contact Us

Contact the NGS team, arrange a workplace visit or submit an enquiry here

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Exclusive partnership with financial media veteran

Brand new member-only finance and investment portal featuring premium content from The Constant Investor by Alan Kohler

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Significant event notices July 2014 to October 2016

We have a responsibility to tell our members about material changes to the Fund, especially if the change could have an impact on retirement savings.

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