In some cases you will need to send us certified copies of documents to prove you are the person making the transaction. Please click here to find out more about proof of identity.


Rollover/Transfer authority

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To combine your super from other funds into your NGS Super account. Please use one form for each fund outside of NGS Super

Statement of Fund Compliance

Choice - Members

Superannuation Choice eForm

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To notify your employer that NGS Super is your choice of superannuation fund.


Payroll deductions eForm

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For making regular voluntary contributions through your payroll. Please return this form to your employer. 

Lump sum contribution eForm

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To contribute one-off voluntary lump sums into your NGS Super account.

Contribution splitting eForm

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To split your super contributions with your partner (pre-tax contributions). 

Spouse contribution eForm

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To make a super contribution for your partner (after-tax contributions).


Investment switching eForm

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To change your NGS Super investment options. More information about each of the investment options offered is available in our Investments fact sheet.

Term deposit cancellation


Insurance transfer form

Insurance variation (reduction or cancellation) form

Insurance variation (increase cover) form

Insurance variation (change fixed cover occupation category) form

Life events cover option

Estate Planning

Making a binding death benefit nomination eForm

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To make, change or cancel a binding death benefit nomination.

Nominating your non-binding beneficiaries eForm

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This is a non-binding nomination meaning the Trustee is not legally bound by your wishes but will take them into consideration.

Benefit Payments

Early release of superannuation benefits on grounds of severe financial hardship eForm

Request for withdrawal eForm

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Request a super payment from your NGS Super account.

Family Law

Family law instructions for payment of entitlement eForm

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Splitting superannuation interests under Family Law.

Tax invoice - Family law information (members) eForm

Tax invoice - Family law information (non-Members) eForm

ATO forms

Deduction for personal super contributions form - ATO notice of tax deduction


Change details advice eForm

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To update your personal details and/or advise us of any change to your working status after age 55 (for preserved benefit purposes).

Providing your tax file number eForm

Third party authorisation eForm

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To give permission to third parties, such as financial planners to access your account information.

Transferring your pension benefit from a UK scheme to NGS Super eForm

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More information about this option is available in our Transferring your pension benefit from a UK scheme to NGS Super fact sheet.

Advice fee deduction authority form

Trans Tasman Portability

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